How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Some of the average prices for carpet cleaning are as follows: A small room might cost $35 while a large room might cost $80. A hallway might cost $15 while cleaning the stairs might be charged at $3 per step just because a smaller vacuum attachment has to be manually used. All these figures give a rough idea as to how much it costs to wet vacuum the carpets in a whole house.

It would be nice if a flat fee could apply to every home, but since carpet cleaning involves a fair amount of labor, every square meter of carpeting seems to factor into the total price tag. An experienced cleaner should be able to give a rough estimate over the phone but might later reassess the price after looking at your carpet. The offer will be based on the soil condition and the type of carpet.

Most offers are based on the size of the room, and each room is added to calculate the final bill. It is seldom necessary to measure rooms in order to tally the price. The overall size is the determining characteristic to avoid the extra time it would take to break out a measuring tape and doing some math. They might reassess the size of a room when they look at it or charge extra for a very large room.

It is important to look out for unrealistic offers. Some carpet cleaners offer their services for as low as $20 for a room, but this is unrealistic for the time it takes to work a room. This price might only apply to the smallest rooms, or else the jobs might not be very thorough. There is the old saying that you get what you pay for. Something has to get cut, and it might be detergent or customer assistance.

The rate per square foot tends to favor larger rooms. If a room is very large, then it might be charged at the same rate as two large rooms. Smaller rooms might demand a higher rate per foot because more furniture has to be moved and because a customer that calls to clean a small room tends to create less profit for the wet vacuum business. Fee rates are calculated to help the business be profitable. Long stretches of a rug without furniture are the quickest to clean.

Most businesses are willing to calculate by the square foot if the customer thinks that they can get a better deal this way. This is a particularly good idea if a medium-sized room might be labeled a large room or if a home has a lot of irregular spaces. The company might do this themselves if they are uncertain of how much time it will take. The extra service of measuring might incur an extra fee as well as the need for them to move furniture.

The location of a house might also affect the price. It takes gas and time to reach a location, which will inevitably be factored into the bill if it is enough of an issue. A carpet cleaning service called out to handle a small job at a country home will likely want to charge a premium for the travel rate. They might not and might turn down the job. A vehicle that is constantly on the run also needs regular maintenance.

Thanks to the internet, it is possible to compare the rates of a wide variety of carpet cleaners. The rate might vary considerably depending on the living costs of a city, competition, and who has the best name in the area. A good average is around 30 cents to 55 cents per square foot for an average room. This flat rate will cover all materials and time needed.

It does pay to do a little research. There is actually an industry standard for carpet cleaning, and it is called the IICRC standard. Customers ought to get what they pay for, although they should pay careful attention the same as any major purchase. It pays to do research, such as looking up customer reviews. It is often harder to find reviews of independent workers, but the ones who have been around for a while should have some feedback somewhere.

Here’s a great video that Refresh Carpet Clean thinks that you should watch:

Some services charge higher fees because they offer specialized services. There are plenty of variables such as cleaning up after pets or cleaning a deep carpet or just having to lug a lot of equipment upstairs. Cleaning the starts themselves is just more time consuming as it takes a hand-held vacuum extension to do the work that is too fine for a large and cumbersome floor cleaner.

It should be noted that a company with employees will incentive them to work faster or to find reasons to charge a higher fee. Be aware of how workers are paid. If they are paid by commission fees, then they have a reason both to do a faster job and to try to raise the rate. Companies would lose money if there was no incentive to look for extra fees but double-check the bill yourself to make sure everyone is getting a fair deal.

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