Choosing A Reliable Carpet Cleaner

Incorrect information, along with confusing and false claims, can make it harder to choose a good carpet cleaning company than you might think.

It isn’t surprising that it’s a challenge to find reliable carpet cleaners when you are faced with technicians who have little skill and no qualifications, high-pressure sales tactics, and ridiculously low costs.

Read on to find out how to see past these mistakes, false claims and industry rip-offs and to make a more informed decision.

You want to make sure not only that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly and isn’t damaged in the process, but that your family’s health isn’t compromised by unsafe or unskilled carpet cleaning. After reading this, you’ll have a better idea of what proper carpet cleaning really means and the following factors can help you make the right choice.


Use the Internet to look at customer reviews on review sites and social media, which can give you an informative idea of what other customers have to say. Any company that has been operating for some time will develop a reputation, and this is a good way of finding that out.

Education and Knowledge

You don’t need to be certified in Australia to provide carpet cleaning services, which means that many carpet cleaners just haven’t had the required training to do the job properly. That often means when the cleaner arrives at your home to get the job done, you have to know whether they are actually cleaning thoroughly, efficiently, and safely. You may want to be aware of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and if carpet cleaners have been certified by this organization, they obviously are better qualified to do a better job.


A good carpet technician uses his or her knowledge over time to improve the way they get the job done, and experience counts for a lot. However, the experience is meaningless if your carpet cleaner has never actually cleaned a carpet correctly and thoroughly, or doesn’t have the required knowledge, to begin with.

Here’s a great video to read recommended by Refresh Carpet Clean:


Using too much water meaning the carpet took weeks to dry is just one of the mistakes we have seen, and it’s all too easy for carpet cleaners to have the right equipment but have no idea how to actually use it. You should avoid the use of some of the low-cost steam carpet cleaning machines on the market. Otherwise, most systems work well.

Look for a company offering a free and no obligation in-home estimate, along with upfront and clear pricing for carpet cleaning services. A reliable company also has a clear guarantee policy and won’t add in any extra or seemingly meaningless fees.

Many of our customers are repeat customers and have relied on us for their carpet cleaning services for many years. We pride ourselves on our positive reputation and satisfied customers, as well as the very best customer service.

And our cleaning technicians have years of cleaning experience and are all IICRC certified, meaning you can be assured the job of cleaning your carpet is carried out properly, efficiently and safely the first time.