Carpet Cleaning and Grooming

Our carpet cleaning is a five step process

  1. We inspect the area to be cleaned and move all furniture humanly possible.
  2. We power rake and vacuum all carpeted area.
  3. We pre-treat carpet for spots and heavily soiled areas.
  4. We clean carpets with a non-residue enzymic deep cleaning process using “Dry Foam”.
  5. We re-apply the protective coating to help prevent further wear and we assist with year-round maintenance.

About our “Dry foam” carpet cleaning method

After researching the various methods of carpet cleaning, we chose “Dry Foam” as the safest for our customers, the environment, and ourselves. It allows deep penetration of the pile, gentle lifting of soil to the surface, pile agitation, and detergent dwell time that can be varied to suit the situation, and leaves the carpet in good condition for brush (or rake) pile shape restoration. Realizing the operation “common sense” is the prime factor in any cleaning operation, this method leaves the least amount of exposure to equipment limitations.

A minimum amount of water is used in this method. This eliminates most over-wetting problems which can lead to carpet shrinkage or stretching, mold and mildew, wicking and matting. With normal air circulation, a minimum drying time can be assured. Most furniture can be immediately replaced; therefore the customer’s schedule is not disrupted while waiting for the carpet to dry. Dry residue is not left in the carpet, so the customer is not required to finish the job the next day.

A minimum amount of water used also means a minimum amount of chemicals. Since the detergents are biodegradable and non-toxic, the safety of the customers, their children and pets can also be assured. Small amounts of water and safe chemicals make for easier disposal of recovered waste which can be properly and safely disposed of, and not dumped on the job site. By regulation of the PH factor of the detergent, all types of carpet can be cleaned with equal confidence, including expensive oriental rugs.

Our equipment is portable, leading to many advantages. We are not limited to a special vehicle, so vehicle breakdowns do not interfere with scheduling. We can clean basement and top floor carpets, adding only the additional labor of moving the equipment from floor to floor. Doors or windows do not have to be left open; therefore cold air, hot air, flies, or other unwanted changes in the customer’s environment are prevented. Vehicle or auxiliary engines are not required, saving both additional expense and environmental pollution. Off-job storage requires a minimum amount of space. All equipment in operation is within the sight of the operator, so malfunctions can be spotted immediately. Initial investment is reasonable, although this should not be a prime factor in determining a quality cleaning method. Since all of our equipment is within the building during cleaning operations, cold weather operations are very practical. Carpets do not wait for ideal weather conditions to become soiled (quite the opposite is the real world truth) and customers needs can be taken care of on a year-round basis.